PHHS Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a shared responsibility among the school community to provide a supportive, equitable environment that is learner-centered, focused on rigorous, customized instruction through authentic learning experiences in order to prepare globally competitive students who are college and career ready.

PHHS Mission Statement

Our mission is to work together to cultivate a community of life-long learners.


The safety of all students and staff in Baltimore County Public Schools is of utmost importance to all of us. Our school, as well as all Baltimore County schools, is utilizing a visitor check-in system. The system is called V-soft by Raptor, otherwise known as Raptor. The information collected will not be shared outside of the school and is stored on a secure server. Registration of all visitors is necessary so that in the event of an emergency in the school, a record of all people currently in the building will be available.

When you visit our school for the first time, you will be asked to present government issued photo identification (ID) or a driver’s license to a staff member in our main office. The ID will be scanned and your photo, name, date of birth will be extracted. This information will be used to log you in and compare your information against the national sex offender database. Once your ID is scanned and you are cleared, a visitor pass will be printed for you. The visitor pass you receive must be worn on your outer garment. You will need only to show your ID on future visits. You will be asked to log out with office staff upon completion of your business so that we know you are no longer in the building.

If you refuse to have your ID scanned, you will be denied access to the school. The only alternative to this process is to allow staff to see your ID to verify your name and date of birth so that this information can be manually entered into the system. This method does not store information. Therefore, you must go through this process each time you visit the school. You must have a government issued ID or a driver’s license to be manually entered. Other forms of IDs will not be accepted.


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