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180 Club Mr. Roland, Rm 215, Wednesday @ 7:15 - 7:30
​Student-led prayers, conversation and connection with God and each other. In addition to the weekly meetings, join us for See you at the Pole, Cupcakes for Life, building a Homecoming float, celebrating a Christmas party. Everyone is welcome!

Anime Club Ms. Hofferbert & Mr. Martin, Rm 103, Wednesday @ 2:30-3:30
Watch appropriate movies and watch episodes of animation from Japanese television, share Japanese comics and Manga, and discuss how the language and culture that comes through the comics and videos are different from our own, as well as other fun activities. In the past, we have had talented artists who gave drawing lessons. ​

ASCEND, in partnership with the AKA Sorority Ms. Lacks & Ms. Watkins, Rm 140, TBD
​​Focus on leadership and community. Open to all students who seek positive change in the world.

Asian Pop Music Club Mr. Mitchell, Rm 222, Thursday @ 2:30-3:3
​​Students interested in listening to and learning how to dance to Asian pop music.

Asian Student Union Ms. Krantz, Rm 221, Thursday @ 2:30-3:30
​Students explore and discuss their appreciation of Asian cultures and their influences worldwide.​

Best Buddies Ms. Stavis & Ms. Newcomb, Rm 103, TBD
​Students interested in befriending and assisting peers with special needs.

Book Club Mrs. Adams, Library,TBA @ 2:30
​​Read and discuss interesting books throughout the school year.

Break Dancing Club Ms. Yencsik, Tech Ed Side of Cafeteria,Tuesday & Thursday @ 2:30
​​Students will learn and practice breakdancing moves while gaining appreciation for hip hop culture.

Cappies Ms. Dix & Mr. Pusateri, Rm 135, 1st Tuesday each Month @ 2:30 PM
Writes reviews and attends other high school theatrical performances.​

Chemathon Mr. Yelovich, Rm 300, TBA @ 2:30
​Practice and prepare chemistry lab experiments in preparation for a yearly competition. Events are judged on timing and the quality of results.

Chess Club Mr. Last & Ms. Tadman, Rm 219, Tuesday @ 2:30-3:30
​​The Chess Club is open to all students and all levels of ability, from beginners to experienced chess players. We will have some chess clocks to play blitz chess as well as untimed games. If there is sufficient interest, we can compete in County Tournaments.

Class of 2017 Mr. Stephenson & Ms. Falkenhan, Tech 2, Thursday @ 2:30-3:30
​​This class senate plans activities related to school spirit and fundraising for Ring Dance and Senior Prom.

Class of 2018 Mr. Conner & Mrs. Richardson, Rm 113, Wednesday @ 2:30-3:30
​This class senate plans activities related to school spirit and fundraising.​

Class of 2019 Ms. Kelly & Ms. Dube, Rm 204, TBD
​Planning for spirit wear, fundraising, and freshman activities. Class officers will be elected at the end of the school year.​

Class of 2020 Mr. Backert, Rm 104, Last Tuesday of each month from 2:30-3:30
​​Planning for spirit wear, fundraising, and freshman activities. Class officers will be elected at the end of the school year.

Dance Company Ms. Soule & Ms. Krall, Rm 13, Thursday from 2:30-4 PM
Dance group focusing on Contemporary and Jazz dance.​

Dance Team Ms. Gerber & Ms. Cox, Tuesday thru Thursday @ 2:30-4:00
​The main genre of dance we will be performing is hip hop. Our team intends to stay more professional and incorporate real dance moves and stunts.

Drama Club Mr. Pusateri & Ms. Cromwell, Rm 148 Tuesday @ 2:15 – 3:00
Provide Theatre Arts opportunities for interested students. The Drama Club is heavily involved in the fall and spring play productions as well as student driven performance projects throughout the year.​

Electric Car Mr. Catonzaro, Tec 5, TBD
​The club’s purpose is to create, build and program vex electric cars for both state and national competitions. Cutting edge 21st century technology here at PHHS!​

Environmental and Environthon Club Ms. Johnson, Rm 210, Thursday @ 2:15-3:00
​​The club is organized to meet the environmental needs of Perry Hall High School and the Perry Hall community by completing service projects.

FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) Fashion Club Ms. Cox, Rm 224,TBD
​This club focuses on all aspects of fashion.

FBLA & Millionaire's Club Ms. Scala, Rm 213, Tuesday @ 2:30-3:30
FBLA: Students will learn to talk confidently with prospective employers, and experience the chance to test their business skills in state and national competitions. They will receive: Career preparation opportunities, Leadership development and achievement, Outstanding leadership conferences, Challenging competitions, Community service experience, Friendship and fun, Informative publications, Networking with peers and business professionals, Scholarships and prizes, and Internships.
Millionaire's Club: A financial literacy program in conjunction with First Financial Federal Credit Union and will teach the students how to prepare for their future.​

French National Honor Society Ms. Krantz, Rm 221, Monthly @ 2:30​

Future Educators of America (FEA) Ms. Hauck, Rm 5, TBA @ 2:30
​Anyone interested in learning more about the field of education should join. Learn about scholarship opportunities, college choices and more.​

Gender-Sexuality Alliance Mr. Henry & Ms. Meinert, Rm 312, Every other Wednesday @ 2:30-3:30
Is a student-run club which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia. There are three typical functions of a GSA club is to: provide support, build community of universal tolerance, and to take action to promote positive change.​

Girl-Up Ms. Yencsik, Rm 106, Friday @ 2:30-3:30
A club for empowering women around the world.​

Guitar Ensemble Mr. King, Rm 152, Monday @ 2:30-3:30
Promotes music socialization and performance skills. Approximately 10 performances per year. It is a place for all guitarists, beginners and advances to teach each other, work on ensemble material, and attend Clinics that teach specific skills that they wouldn't normally get from the guitar classes.​

Hallways Yearbook Ms. Richardson, Rm 113, TBA @ 2:30​

Helping Hands Mrs. Meredith & Mrs. Harrison, Rms 2 & 3,TBD
​​A club for those interested in medical careers.

Improv Club Mr. Conner, Rm 7, Friday @ 2:30
Practice short and long form improv games in order to perform for, and educate, the PHHS community.​

International Thespian Honor Society Mr. Pusateri & Mrs. Cromwell, Rm 148, Twice Monthly @ 2:30
​The mission of ITHS is to honor student excellence in the theatre arts; its motto is "Act well they part; there all the honor lies." The ITHS is the Education Theatre Association's student honorary organization. ITHS recognizes the achievements of high school and middle school theatre students. Members are required to participate in theater presentations in their school & service to the theatre program as part of their membership.

It's Academic – Trivia Club Mr. Allen, Rm 217, Tuesday & Thursday @ 7:00-7:30
Teams of students compete at various schools and on television to answer questions in the areas of math, social sciences, natural sciences, literature and several other categories.​

Jazz Band Mr. Engel, Rm 148, TBD @ 6:00-8:00
​Ensemble supplement musical offerings that students get during the school day. Jazz music incorporates diverse styles that students can only learn in specialized settings.​

Key Club Mrs. Stone, Rm 200, Every other Wednesday @ 2:30
The club's focus is on community service.​

Marching Ban Mr. Engel, Rm 148 Monday & Wednesday @ 6:00-8:30
​Ensemble supplement musical offerings that students get during the school day. Marching Band incorporates diverse styles that students can only learn in specialized settings.

Math Club/Math Honor Society Mr. Lottes, Rm 212, Thursday @ 2:30-3:30
Weekly practices and competes against other county, state and regional teams.​

Mock Trial Mr. Wassenius, Rm 131, Wednesday @ 2:30-3:30
Mock Trial is a team based organization which competes against other schools in a simulated trial. Students take on the roles of witness and lawyers as they investigate and analyze a court to prepare for trail. The competitions take place at the Towson Circuit Court house and are conducted in exactly the same fashion that a real trial would be conducted. ​

Model UN Ms. Robinson, Rm 155, Tuesday @ 2:30
​Students role-play delegates of the United Nations. Simulate UN committees.

National Art Honor Society Mr. Whipple, Rm 225, Tuesday @ 2:30
​Students enrolled in art classes may apply to join the society after first quarter grades are finalized. Students participate in art related events at the school and have the opportunity to take field trips to art museums.

National Chinese Honor Society Mr. Long, Rm 218 As Needed @ TBA
​We will host the exchange students from Xian, China in February, help out with the Chinese New Year evening celebration here, attend the induction ceremony in March, and participate in the Culture Convention here in PHH in April.

National English Honor Society Ms. Hedrick & Ms. Kerr, Rm 134, 2nd Tuesday of the Month @ 2:30
​Students participate in field trips and English related activities. Students enrolled in English classes with a 3.5 English GPA and an overall GPA of 3.0. Students should also be participating in English electives such as Yearbook or Theater. Must be recommended by an English teacher.​

National Honor Society Ms. Norris, Rm 137, 1st Wednesday of every month @ 2:30 PM
Sophomores, Juniors & and Seniors with the requisite GPA can apply in January. Members of NHS are committed to scholarship, leadership, character beyond reproach, and community service.​

National Spanish Honor Society Ms. Cox, Rm 224, 1st Thursday of every month @ 2:30​

Quill & Scroll Honor Society Ms. Habtemariam, Rm 113
​​Journalism Honor Society membership is by invitation and application.

Rock N Roll Workshop Mr. King, Rm 152,Tuesday & Thursday @ 2:30-3:30
Promotes music socialization and performance skills. Approximately 10 performances per year.​

SADD (Students against Destructive Decisions) Mrs. Robinson, Rm 155, Wednesday @ 2:30-3:30
​Mrs. Robinson, Rm 155, Wednesday @ 2:30-3:30 SADD’s mission is to empower young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them in their daily lives. SADD fosters a sense of belonging and promotes resiliency, leadership and advocacy skills so that young people make positive life decisions. At Perry Hall we encourage community involvement through our blood drives, Red Ribbon Week, safe driving campaign and Prom Promise activities.

Science National Honor Society Dr. Lipinski & Mr. Yelovich, Rm 311,Twice Monthly @ 2:30
​Dr. Lipinski & Mr. Yelovich, Rm 311,Twice Monthly @ 2:30 Juniors and Seniors with the requisite GPA can apply in October. Members of SNHS are committed to advancing scientific endeavors to the school and community. They also commit to maintaining an interest in any field of science.

Select Choir Mr. Pusateri, Rm 148, Thursdays @ 2:30-4
Do you like to sing? This is the club for you. See Mr. P for details!​

Sign Language ​Ms. Panageotou, Rm 157, TBD
​​Explore, learn and use American Sign Language.

SkillsUSA Ms. Caudill, Tech 4, TBD
​SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel. We provide educational programs, events and competitions that support career and technical education (CTE) in the Nation’s classrooms.

Society of Women Engineers Mr. Stephenson, Tech 3 & 4, Tuesday and Thursday @ 2:30
​Explore engineering careers for women and work together on projects with consideration toward competitions.​

Step Squad Ms. Keambiroiro, Cafeteria, Monday & Tuesday @ 2:30-4:00
​Steppers meet regularly to practice student-created step routines for both school and community events.

Student Council Mr. Ricciardi & Mr. Henry, Rm 114, Tuesday @ 2:30-4:00
Represents the student body; prepares for homecoming, pep rally, parade; dance, spirit week. Snow dance, winter spirit week, canned food drive, senior citizen, etc. and various projects.​

Tri-M Music Honor Society Mr. Engel, Rm 154, Once a month @ 2:30
Students are selected on the basis of musical ability, academic qualification, and demonstrated leadership skill. They advance the spirit of good music and musical knowledge, and they enhance the reputation of our school as a center of musical enrichment. They perform service projects at PHHS and in the community.​

Vex Robotics Mr. Stephenson, Tec 3 & Tec 4, Tuesday & Thursday @ 2:30
The club’s purpose is to create, build and program vex robots for both state & national competitions. Cutting edge 21st century technology at PHHS!​

Video Game Club Ms. Kelch & Mr. Mace, Rm 103 Thursday @ 2:15-3:30
​Students interact with each other to discuss and play video games.​

Vignette Literary Magazine Mrs. Bugg, Rm 13, Thursday @ 2:15-3:30
​Students work to create a magazine which highlights art and literature created by Perry Hall students.

Writing Club Ms. Krall, Rm 108, 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month @ 2:30
We focus on fiction-writing and use a workshop format. No previous experience is necessary.​

Youth for Christ Mrs. Cox, Rm 224, Wednesday
​To renew and strengthen Christian values through music, games and informal discussion.

Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) Mr. Sawyer, Rm 112, Thursday @ 7:14 am
​The organization's mission is to promote the rights and interests of the world's women and children, as well as increase understanding and unity among the peoples of different cultures and countries.